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Two Glimmers of Hope

Two Glimmers of Hope

Two Propositions in one city and one county in California offer a tiny glimmer of hope.

The citizens of Humboldt County passed Proposition P which bans the growing of GMO crops in Humboldt County. Almost 60% of the voters said yes and now our organic farmers may have more protection from contamination by GMO plants.

The City of Berkeley passed a tax on sugary drinks with 75 percent voting yes. Hopefully, the tax will reduce the consumption of sugar which has contributed to obesity and obesity related illnesses.

These are tiny steps, but they are steps.

Locally Delicious, inc. is a non-profit organization engaged in educational activities that deal with the benefits of eating locally grown, organic food. We create and work on projects designed to support the increased production of local organic food, with an emphasis on making that food accessible to all. We advocate for a healthy and sustainable local food system.

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