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2016  Locally Delicious FFP Food Fund 


In 2010, Locally Delicious started a" Food for People Food Fund" to connect local farmers to Humboldt County’s food bank, Food for People (FFP), and provide food bank clients with fresh, local food.

Donations used to hire local farmers to grow organic, nutritious food that FFP clients will use and enjoy, meet two Locally Delicious goals: to provide local, fresh food to community members in need and to expand and support local agriculture.

Over the six years of donations to the Food For People Food Fund, with matching funds from the St. Joseph Hospital Community Benefit Department and community members, over $61,000  has been raised, providing over 60 tons of food to Food for People. 


Locally Delicious’ 2016 drive started with $4,100 from Locally Delicious plus a $5,000 match from St. Joseph Hospital Community Benefits Department. Individuals in our community have donated an additional $3,500 which is the largest community donation to date.  Thanks to all these people and organizations but we are not quite finished. The goal is to raise an additional $2,900 to match what was spent on the program in 2015.


For a complete history of Locally Delicious' collaboration with food for People and local organic farmers, see Grants-->Previous Grants--> Locally Delicious Food Fund at top of page.



 Donate Online Here

When you donate, please indicate "Locally Delicious Produce Fund" in the Designation option.  


Thank you to our incredible community!


Locally Delicious, Inc. is a non-profit organization engaged in education about the benefits of eating locally grown, organic food. We create and support projects designed to increase production of local organic food, with an emphasis on making good food accessible to all. We advocate for a healthy and sustainable local food system.


Locally Delicious Partners with Humboldt State University on a documentary film!


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