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2017 fundraising for Food for People!

Food for People Food Fund

Locally Delicious invites the community to join its 2017 fundraising for Food for People. In its 8th year, the Locally Delicious Food Fund enables Food for People to contract with local farmers to provide food bank clients with fresh, local produce.

This win-win program contributes to the health and sustainability of our local economy and environment, and supports equity in access to healthy local produce by our neighbors in need.

In this unique collaboration between Locally Delicious, Food for People, local farmers and the community of low-income neighbors, all benefit.  The farmers get an early-season economic stimulus, the food bank gets a supply of healthy food throughout the year, and hungry Humboldt residents get access to fresh, healthy food.

In the past seven years, Locally Delicious has raised nearly $73,000 in donations to the Food for People Farmers Fund, matching funds from the St. Joseph Hospital Community Benefit Department and community members, providing nearly 80 tons of food to Food for People. 

Locally Delicious’ 2017 drive starts with $5,000 which has again been matched by St. Joseph Hospital Community Benefit Department. The community has already generously donated $1,000.  The goal is to raise more in community donations and grants to bring the total to at least $15,000 for 2017.

$16,800 was raised in 2016 which included $3,700 from 2015 fundraising with donations from Locally Delicious and St. Joseph’s as well as Redwood Capital Bank and eleven community members. Food for People was also able to staff an intern to coordinate the project.

Contracted Farmers last year were:  Green Fire Farm, Luna Farm, New Moon Organics, Rain Fog Farm, Blue Blossom Farm, Laughing Mother Farm, Freedom Farm, Corn Crib, Trident Lightning Farm, Feisty Dog Orchard, and Flood Plain Produce.  Additional farmers supplied produce to the FFP’s Kid’s Cooking Classes and Senior Programs as needed.  These non-contract farms were Fine Feather Ranch, Willow Creek Farms, Rain Fog Farm, Valley Flower Vegetables, Little River Farm, and Deep Seeded Community Farm.

Local farmers interested in participating in the Locally Delicious Food Program with Food For People can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (707) 445-3166 ext. 312.


Donate Here Now!

Please indicate that you are donating to the Locally Delicious Food Fund


Checks may also be sent to Locally Delicious, PO Box 309, Arcata, Ca 95518.



Donations are tax deductible.

Locally Delicious, Inc. is a non-profit organization engaged in education about the benefits of eating locally grown, organic food. We create and support projects designed to increase production of local organic food, with an emphasis on making good food accessible to all. We advocate for a healthy and sustainable local food system.


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