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Locally Delicious, Inc.


"A recipe for change through the re-localization of our food system - one tomato at a time"


redheirloomtomatowebLocally Delicious is an incorporated, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the "re-localization" of the California North Coast food system and advocates for re-localization of food nationwide.

We have produced two editions of Locally Delicious, a unique, community-oriented cookbook and resource guide written specifically for the North Coast bio-region.  Our other  book, LunchBox Envy, focuses on how to plan healthy, affordable meals with children.  Profits from the sale of these books contribute to projects that support the local food system [see Grants Given].  All proceeds are re-invested in Humboldt, Del Norte & Trinity counties in Northwestern California.


Our Goals to Improve the Food System 

  • Educate about how to improve personal, community and planetary health through personal food choices.
  • Create access to healthy, local, organic food for people at all income levels.
  • Provide small grants to other community organizations with similar goals.
  • Help to build a local, sustainable food system.



Here on the North Coast of California, we are blessed with a temperate climate and a varied set of environments from oceans and rivers to coastal plains, valleys and forests. Each environment provides us with wonderful foods. We are also blessed with people who care about our food. Our farmers, ranchers, fishers and dairymen/women work hard to make healthy food available. Local grocers and restaurants support the farm community and we have organizations supporting our food system. We have the potential to sustain ourselves with local food.




Food History of the California North Coast (Humboldt, Trinity and Del Norte Counties)

Humboldt County, California has long been known the world over for its unusual agricultural practices. Until about 60 years ago, Humboldt County produced a bounty of edible crops. Historically, the North Coast bio-region produced prize-winning varieties of grain, including wheat and barley.  Fruits such as apples, pears, peaches and plums were in great abundance.  The region was a leading supplier of potatoes for potato chips and frozen peas.  In 1951, over 10 million eggs were produced by a healthy poultry industry. In the 1890's over 20 million pounds of food were exported each year to the San Francisco area. We in Humboldt County were feeding ourselves and many others. Yet today we only supply 8-10% of our own food.

The "redwood curtain" was as real then as it is now. Being cut off and miles away from the nearest metropolitan port is nothing new to residents of the bio-region. For centuries geographic challenges around the world dictated regional cuisine. It wasn't until large-scale, industrial agricultural practices took over and big box grocery chains began offering discount and often sub-standard food that the face of agriculture in this country changed. In modern times, we have watched these practices damage the health of our local environment, economy, society and families, often irreparably. We recognize in our verdant lands and close-knit communities of the North Coast bio-region a chance to repair the damage and build something new. Please join us in our work in building healthier lands and people through food.


Stories about Locally Delicious and the California North Coast Community


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