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Teaching from LunchBox Envy 

In order to share LunchBox Envy with a wider audience, we have created a flexible, multi-use curriculum which explores in more depth important nutritional, environmental and political topics in the book. This  can be adapted to groups of any size, auditorium to kitchen table, and any demographic, from parents with young children to grandparents, anyone at all who wants to improve the way they eat small meals. Our hope is that people will not simply buy LunchBox Envy, but that they will read it, discuss it and continue to make truly enviable lunches, dinners, and snacks for themselves and their families every day.

The LunchBox Envy curriculum was initially developed and delivered in Humboldt County by the Locally Delicious team, based on the book. The primary goal was to reach families in Humboldt County who would benefit from more education in healthy eating on a budget, while increasing outreach for the Cal Fresh program. The general expectation was this would increase Cal Fresh participation and result in more people creating healthy, affordable meals.

Funding and assistance for the project was provided by the California Center for Rural Policy, The Open Door Clinic, MAC Center, North Coast Co-op, Westside Community Center and the Manila Community Center.

This curriculum is available to anyone who wants to teach healthy eating. We anticipate its use in schools, community groups, and agencies, and hope that it will be effective. 

Teaching Guide for LunchBox Envy

Pre class questionnaire LBE


Food Cards

LBE PowerPoint

How to Use (or not use) PowerPoint

Weekly Lunch Planning Chart

Kitchen Safety

Kitchen Sanitize

After class questionnaire LBE




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