California Summer Squash Quiche


6 servings


This light quiche does not call for a baked crust; however, you may add the filling to a crust of your choice if preferred.


Preheat oven to 325°


1 pound summer squash such as zucchini or crookneck, cut into ¼-inch rounds

½ onion, chopped


Combine squash and onion and steam until soft. Mash them together, leaving mixture slightly chunky. Drain off juice and leave to cool. Save reserved juice and steaming water for soup at another time.


4 eggs, beaten

1½ to 2 cups hard cheese, grated


Combine eggs and cheese.


½ teaspoon basil

½ teaspoon oregano


Add egg mixture and herbs to squash and mix.

Pour mixture into a buttered deep-dish pie pan or other baking dish (about 1-quart) and bake, uncovered, 30-40 minutes, or until knife inserted in center comes out clean.


Option: Cut a few extra pieces of zucchini and use to decorate top of quiche. Cut a few cherry tomatoes as additional garnish. Add to top of quiche before baking.

Lia Webb

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