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Stories From A Food-Loving Community in Northern California

The Locally Delicious™ project is made up of many voices, each telling a small portion of the larger, ever growing story of local food on California's North Coast.

These voices include the eight Heirloom Tomatoes, our funders and financial supporters, the farmers, distributors, business owners and cooks included in the Community Resources section of our website and the Locally Delicious cookbook, local food consumers/advocates, and members of the multiple generations involved in building and passing down knowledge of how to subsist off of the incredible bounty of our North Coast bio-region. 




Take moment to hear just a few of these stories, and please - share yours with us!

Thank you to this beautiful community. 



Read  "Digging In" Dr. Corey Lee Lewis, Professor of English at Humboldt State University, Chair of the Topeka Foundation

Watch Dave Berman of Manifest Positivity interview & tour the worlds of local food system activists including:

">Suzanne Simpson, discussing the cookbook and mission of Locally Delicious
&list=UUo_YS-P3o02cO4xMI506y9Q/a/u/1/iQ1WX8-jlFM" target="_blank">Eddie Tanner, owner and farmer at DeepSeeded Farm, giving a tour of his Arcata CSA


Listen to the Food for Thought Podcast with Jennifer Bell, airing on KHSU-FM 90.5/KHSR-FM 91.9

  • Interviews with many local farmers & food advocates, including:                                                                                 
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