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The US is experiencing a childhood obesity epidemic, directly related to poor nutrition. Statistics show that 1 in 3 children born today will have diabetes by the time they are 21, with health costs reaching possibly $400,000 per person. We wanted to do something to contribute to the solution.

LunchBox Envy is a "how-to" guide as well as a cookbook. It provides tools for balancing nutrition, meal planning, finding and affording healthy food, basic time-efficient cooking, and building a more sustainable food system.

LunchBox Envy is for children aged eight and older and families of all income levels. We hope it will empower children and families to create enviable lunches.

LunchBox Envy is an easy-to-read, transformational book which motivates families to have fun developing healthy eating habits.


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Weekly Lunch Planning Chart  Games/Scavenger Hunts

LunchBox Envy includes:

  • Delicious, healthy recipes, at varying levels of complexity, for kids to pack in their lunch boxes
  • Time and money saving tips for parents
  • Do-it-yourself projects including a solar oven, solar dehydrator, worm composter, and gardening projects like a "Yarden" (yard-square garden) and growing food in pots
  • Ways for kids to actively participate in the family's food, including gardening, cooking, preserving, and guided shopping
  • Useful nutrition facts for families based on the USDA MyPlate about how to make healthy food choices
  • Sidebars featuring games (Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt), facts about waste reduction, cooking and storage tips, foods and flavors of the world, sustainable food, and more
  • An engaging and interactive format, including illustrations, beautiful photos of each of the finished recipes. For more difficult recipes each page has step by step photos, a graphic novel, and graphic design by talented high school students at the Arcata High Arts Institute
  • Easy to relate to for kids with loads of photos of kids cooking by themselves, with friends and with adults
  • A do it yourself planning sheet for weekly lunch planning, also available on our website

Profits from our book sales are used to support the bioregion’s farmers, food production system, nutrition education, and to increase access to local food for all in the community through our grant program.

- The Heirloom Tomatoes
, Authors of Locally Delicious

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Do-It-Yourself Projects for Kids

DIY Lunch Bag from a T-Shirt





How do you get kids interested in a sustainable food system? Have them build it!




Original Designs by Engineering Students at Humboldt State University

Many of these projects are original designs by engineering students in Introduction to Design (Engineering 215) at Humboldt State University. Engineering 215 students, under the direction of Instructor Lonny Grafman, worked with Locally Delicious in Spring 2011 to design, build, test, and disseminate projects which include urban garden systems, solar ovens, food dehydrators, and worm bins.

In addition to the projects to be included in Lunchbox Envy, there are many more on the Lunchbox Envy projects Appropedia page. There are designs for varying skill levels - projects for children to do alone, with adult help, and at school. All projects were tested for cost, educational value, reproducibility, maintenance, durability, safety, functionality, portability, and most importantly, children's approval and interest. Please learn more by following the links below:






Like our first book, Locally Delicious™, LunchBox Envy™ depends on community involvement and support for its success.





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