DIY Lunchbox Project


Here's a great way to reuse an old T-shirt or a favorite T-shirt that you've outgrown. Make a lunch bag or a bag to store produce in the refrigerator.

You'll need the following items:
1 used T-shirt
a scissors that will cut fabric
a sewing machine and thread
a piece of ribbon for keeping the bag closed
1 inch square of Velcro


Step 1

Take a used T-shirt and spread it out on a table


Step 2

Cut both sleeves off the T-shirt, following the curve of the seam


Step 3

Sew up the T-shirt where the sleeves were.


Step 4

Sew the bottom closed. 


Final Step!

Tie the ribbon below the neck of the T-shirt and your all done!


Snack Bag

Next you can make smaller bags out of the sleeves that you have cut off the T-shirt.

Carefully turn the sleeve inside out and sew the unfinished side closed.

Sew a 1 inch square of Velcro to either side of the finished edge. Velcro has one side that is sort of furry and the other side that has little teeth to it which will catch the furry side and keep both squares closed together. Center the squares making sure that they match up before sewing them on.

T-Shirt Bag Courtesy of  Tibora Bea Girczyc-Blum  

See Tibora’s Blog



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