Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

The healthiest items in the grocery store are on the four outside walls in most stores. Fresh produce, meat, bread, and dairy are there.

Here's a great opportunity to teach your kids what they are eating while having fun shopping together. We encourage you to use one of our games, below, or make up your own scavenger hunt by creating a list of clues based on your shopping list so your kids can be helpers while scavenging for the answers. If you arrange the list in the order of how you plan to move through the store, the game will also be more productive.

Game One is a list of clues and Game Two, created for kids 10 and older, is a questionnaire which will have your kids asking questions and getting to know the folks who operate the various sections of your grocery store.

To print and take to the store, click printer icon in top left corner. Answers for Game 1 are at the bottom of the page. Kids, no peeking!


Game 1: The Four Walls Scavenger Hunt

1.  Round or oblong in shape. We eat them mostly in the summer because that's when they grow, but in the store you might find them any time of the year because they also grow in countries where it is warm all the time, like Mexico. Very sweet and wet on the inside. What is the name of this family of fruits?

2. How many locally grown vegetables and fruit can you identify? Hint: check shelf signs or stickers on fruit or vegetable.

3. Made out of milk, it is hard when frozen and as it melts it becomes really creamy.

4. Does cheddar cheese come in any other color besides orange?

5. Lots of kids eat a gluten free diet. Name 5 grains that have no gluten in them. Hint- look at the breads in the bread isle and check the labels of packages that say gluten free.

6. This green vegetable has has the highest amount of iron in it. Find it on the produce shelf. It comes in various types, one variety even has the word dino in it's name.

7. In the dairy section of your store, find the yogurts that don't have any flavor enhancers made from castoreum. Castoreum is an extract made from the anal glands of beavers!

8. Find 2 drinks that are healthier than soda.

9. Find 4 types of food that would be  great in a granola recipe.

10. The main ingredient in quiche. They come in several sizes and colors. They are very delicate and have a protective shell.


Game 2: Food for Thought

Spend some time researching what we eat. Answers can be found either at your own grocery source or on the web.

1. Which canned vegetables can also be found fresh in the produce section?

2. Ask the produce worker: "How can I tell if a cantaloupe is ripe?"

3. Where does most of the citrus fruit eaten in the US come from?

4. Which types of fish are the healthiest to eat? Check out the list provided by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

5. Why is it better to eat wild caught fish like salmon than farmed fish?

6. What's the difference between 2% and 1% milk?

7. What does gluten-free mean?


















Game 1 Answers

1-melons, 2-variable, 3-ice cream, 4-yes, white, 5-rice, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, corn, amaranth, teff, sorghum, wild rice, 6-kale, 8-coconut water & plain old water, 9-raisins, dried cranberries, oats, honey,10-eggs

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