How to use or not use the PowerPoint for teaching LunchBox Envy

A PowerPoint presentation was created to walk learners through the book. It’s an easy way to present material if the proper equipment is available. Each slide is annotated with commentary and discussion points.  Most pages of the book offer only basic information as an outline for discussion, and discussion makes the classes lively and engaging.

The PowerPoint is very long because it represents more than one presentation.  Users are cautioned not to have a group sit through the entire PowerPoint presentation in one sitting. Decide how many classes you will present and divide the presentation appropriately.  Not all parts need to be used, and some can be updated and modified as more information becomes available. The format is also open so that you can insert material as appropriate to your group. Young mothers might want more information on obtaining nutritious food and government programs for food assistance. Daycare or afterschool care providers might want more information on integrating food study into the curriculum at their facility. Medical professionals might want much more scientific data on nutrition, much of which is available online.

The key to an interesting and successful LunchBox Envy class seems to be to tailor the class materials to the interests and needs of the audience. The meal planning component is important for those working on a limited budget or living in rural areas where a last minute trip to the store is not possible. Experimentation with the recipes in the kitchen builds community.  Cooking and eating together bonds people. The emphasis is on listening to the group and expanding and contracting the presentations to follow their needs and interests. Have fun and enjoy exploring LunchBox Envy.

However, it is not at all necessary to use the PowerPoint. Ideas can be taken from the slides and incorporated into your own discussions and activities. Appropriate slides can be printed to make a flipchart for presentation in rural areas where state-of-the-art presentation equipment is not available, or if there is no electricity. Chart paper can be used for the entire program, or handouts of the slides can be distributed to participants.

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