Locally Delicious is a non-profit organization focused on supporting and educating about the benefits of eating locally grown food. We create projects designed to increase the production of local organic food, emphasizing accessibility for the entire community. We are advocates for a healthy, sustainable local food system and to reducing the impact of food production on climate change.

We summarize this approach as the 3Es:
• Equity
• Economy
• Environment

Each of these three “pillars” is an essential component of a healthy food system.

Locally Delicious was born in 2008 as a result of the coming together of six women, who called themselves “The Heirloom Tomatoes”. We are still six woman with two who have joined and two who have retired. In addition we have two more women who are providing extensive help. We have three men on our board of directors.

Our first project was to write and publish a cookbook, Locally Delicious: Recipes and Resources for Eating on the North Coast, featuring regional food and supplemented by a wide-ranging resource guide. After two editions and many thousands of copies sold, we retired the recipes part of the book and evolved the resource guide into The Local Food Guide, a free annual publication now in its second successful year.

A few years after Locally Delicious, we published a second book aimed at helping families to adopt and promote healthy eating through fun projects and motivational activities. LunchBox Envy: An Adventure in Eating for Kids and Families has been widely used in education, family, and healthcare environments in conjunction with teaching aids developed specifically to help families adopt healthy eating habits.

Proceeds from book sales have funded our projects and grants to other local organizations working toward our local food goals. The most significant and long-lived of these is our Food for People Farmer Fund which, in partnership with St. Joseph Community Foundation, hires local farmers to grow food for Food for People, our local Humboldt County food bank. Over 30 farmers have participated and nearly 100,000 pounds of food has been delivered since the program began in 2010. The McLean Foundation, Coast Central Credit Union, Redwood Capital Bank and many individual community members have provided significant support for this ongoing project.

Our most recent project, undertaken in cooperation with Humboldt State University, is the 30-minute documentary Locally Grown, America’s Food Revolution, which has been shown on PBS and is available for rent or purchase.