Locally Grown: America’s Food Revolution

With the rise of corporate industrial agriculture and the prevalence of imported food in the US and around the world, the concept of community-based food systems has all but disappeared from many places. Yet on California’s North Coast, as in many places around the country, communities are hard at work reviving and revitalizing local agricultural traditions and economies.

Locally Grown: America’s Food Revolution is a 30-minute documentary about agricultural subsistence and resistance, food justice and food sovereignty, good food and good work on the North Coast of California. Situated amid the towering redwoods and salty ocean waves, the film highlights the revival of indigenous fishing techniques, the re-establishment of historic farming techniques and local grains, cutting-edge hydroponic technologies, and innovative ways to connect local farmers with food-insecure families.

Linking the past, present, and future, the stories told in this engaging film can serve as a model for communities across the country striving to re-invigorate healthy, inclusive, community-based food systems, empowering residents to share in, take ownership of, and defend this important work. For the dedicated producers and consumers working collaboratively in this renaissance, a healthy food system should be ecologically sustainable, economically beneficial, and accessible to all, reconnecting us with nature and with each other.

For more on the film, supporting field guides, and how to rent or buy a copy, visit the Locally Grown Film Website