Locally Delicious Cookbook

Locally Delicious: Recipes and Resources for Eating on the North Coast

Locally Delicious: Recipes and Resources for Eating on the North Coast is a cookbook in context. Written specifically for the communities of California’s Six Rivers Bio-Region (roughly corresponding to Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity Counties) as a way to re-connect the producers and consumers within this abundant food system, Locally Delicious, now in its second edition, is 314 full-color pages packed with more than 200 recipes instructing readers on how to use local ingredients, where to find them and why it’s important for their health and the health of the planet to do so.

The first goal of Locally Delicious is to encourage residents of the California North Coast to obtain a larger percentage of food from our region.

The second is to contribute to the further development of the regional food economy – all profits from the sale of the book have been and will continue to be spent on projects to further this goal.

The third is for Locally Delicious to serve as a template for other regionally-based cookbooks. The majority of the textual content can be accessed on Appropedia, the Appropriate Technology Wiki. Please contact us if you are interested in creating a similar resource guide for your region and community. We support “re-localization” throughout the country and world.

Locally Delicious caters to everyone from the conscientious vegan or the respectful vegetarian, to the omnivore in search of humane and local products from farm to sea. Everything from appetizers made with local cheese, to desserts made with local fruits are featured in this informative reference book for living a local life.

Locally Delicious includes a comprehensive reference section introducing readers to the people who grow and raise the food on the North Coast. Locally Delicious is a community project. Included in the first chapter are perspectives of local professors, farmers, cooks, nutritionists, and community advocates. A chapter on our bio-region’s food history and future is drawn from many resources including the Humboldt County Agriculture Commissioner and the Humboldt Chapter of Community Alliance with Family Farmers (Humboldt-CAFF). Recipes were provided by caterers, restaurant owners, chefs, home cooks and community members. Humboldt-CAFF, North Coast Growers Association, Southern Humboldt Farmers’ Markets and the North Coast Co-op helped us create the extensive reference section.

A few copies may remain in local bookstores here in Humboldt County or on Amazon.