Who We Are

Who We Are

The Tomatoes, pictured above, include (front row from left to right): Edie “Cherokee Purple” Jessup,  Pat “Money Maker” Bitton,  Martha “Jersey Devil” Haynes, Ann “Jubilee” King,  Carol “Pleated Zapotec” Moné and (back row, left to right) Suzanne “Brandywine” Simpson, Ann “Tabletalk” Anderson, and Lauren “Peacevine Cherry” Cohn-Sarabia. Not pictured: May Patiño.

*Ann “Tabletalk” Anderson is a retired publisher of books and patterns on quilting. She spent most of her career in computer sales and marketing after earning a Master’s Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology.

*Edie (“Cherokee Purple”) Jessup is a long-time food advocate, member of the Humboldt Food Policy Council and former board member of Roots of Change.

*Lauren “Peace Vine Cherry” Cohn-Sarabia is a professional caterer. She enjoys teaching cooking to children and adults, taking photographs, and growing vegetables for her family in her home garden.

*Martha “Jersey Devil” Haynes grew up in the Garden State. After 32 years as a teacher, in retirement, she has finally found the time to go more deeply into what to cook, why to cook it, and how to cook.

May Patiño is an anthropologist, food systems specialist, and writer, currently lecturing at Humboldt State University. She is also the Coordinator of the Humboldt Food Policy Council.

*Pat “Money Maker” Bitton is a writer and editor. British by birth, Pat says she only discovered how truly good real food can be when she moved to Humboldt County in 2004.

*Suzanne “Brandywine” Simpson is a retired public relations professional and filmmaker who is now a professional artist and an ardent home gardener who grows 85% of her family’s food.

Tomatoes Emeritae:

Ann “Jubilee” King thought she was a retired editor until she became an Heirloom Tomato. One of the nicest things anyone has said about her is that “she understands cooking.”

Carol “Pleated Zapotec” Moné is a retired educator, a community activist and a serious locavore.


*Corey Lewis, Founder, MindBody Mastery Coaching

*Lewis Litzky, Retired Certified Public Accountant

*Lonny Grafman, Lecturer at Humboldt State University and President of Appropedia

*Member of the Board of Directors of Locally Delicious, Inc.